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Solar & Electrical Energy Specialists


TSE is a company with over 15 years experience.

TSE has built a reputation around several core values and competencies:

  • Technical excellence

  • A high standard of ethics

  • Highest product quality

  • Wide range of skills including Building, Solar and Electrical

  • Full support before, during and after the installation process


What this means for you is, you have a company you can trust.


You can trust that we know what we are talking about. We pride ourselves on our level of knowledge with all  products we install – how they work and what they can do for you.


You can trust us to install the job professionally. We have a excellent reputation in the industry for the use of high quality materials and workmanship.


You can trust that we’ll be here. There is no doubt that the solar industry is following a boom and bust cycle, due to the appearance of rebates for customers a few years ago (thus lowering the upfront cost of systems for home owners) and the introduction of feed in tariffs in various states. The upfront assistance is reducing, and the feed in tariffs are being pulled back. This means that many companies that started because of this new “feeding frenzy” have closed down as the market has shifted back to a quieter state. TSE has existed long before this boom, and will continue long after. This is largely due to being stable in other related areas that have not experience this roller coaster cycle. This means that you can rest assured, we will be around for many years, and if you have questions or you need to upgrade your system, we will be here to help. In fact, we are also helping homeowners who have bought from other companies with services, such as safety audits and panel cleaning.


You can trust us to only offer the best equipment. There is a world of choice when it comes to solar panels and inverters. Because the industry is growing globally, there is a huge number of new manufacturers starting up to take advantage of this potential new market. Many of these are competing solely based on price, with consequences that may not be known for years to come. TSE has chosen to offer REC, BLD panels and SMA, JFY inverters, because of their world leading technology and reputation in the market.


You can trust that we will always be learning. As new technologies become available, we will investigate them and offer them, if they pass our rigorous testing and quality criteria. The next few years should see some interesting developments in terms of materials and technology.

PGE 139925 / PGE 239138 / BLD 180586 / CEC A2559243
Phone: 0433 177 247
Address: PO Box 427, Happy Valley, South Australia, Australia 5159
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